Home Buying Process

Red House with checkmarks. Home Buying Process

You have your Mortgage Pre-approval and now what?

Create your wish List. Knowing your must-haves, your likes, and your no-ways are crucial.

It usually comes down to 4 things: size, finishes, location and price. Once you determine those you are ready to begin your search.
Select a Realtor® who works exclusively for you. A Realtor who will represent your best interests, who is honest and has integrity. They must have sterling communication and negotiation skills. However, overall, your Realtor® must be market experts and service oriented.
Let the fun begin! As your Realtor® I will provide you with MLS® Listings that match your search criteria, directly to your inbox, as soon as a property is listed for sale. 

With my search tool you will receive these listings the same time as Realtors®, therefore beating other buyers to “the punch”!

If you choose to still browse on your own, Realtor.ca is a great source but keep in mind realtor.ca is usually a day or two behind what’s happening in the market. Once you find a house or two that you like, just let me know, and I will make all the arrangements for a private viewing.

Several tips while viewing properties

Don’t always believe what you read or see online. Photos and property descriptions are not always a representative of what the house looks like in real life.

The asking price is very different from the sale price.

Wear slip on shoes, if you are looking at several homes at one time, you’ll be taking your shoes on and off a lot.

Get a feel for the neighbourhood as well as the house.

See past the gross. Don’t let someone else’s lack of housekeeping skills, bad decorating styles and outdated tastes get in the way of finding your perfect home.

Make sure you see the property for what it really has to offer, in other words, don’t fall in love with the seller’s stuff.

You have found a property that meets all your needs and wants now you are ready to submit an offer.

I will guide you through this both exciting and nerve-wracking part. I will begin by preparing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale (Offer), a legal and binding document. Not to worry, I'll take care of all the legal requirements to make sure your best interests are protected. I will include all the terms that you want such as; purchase price, inclusions such as appliances and riding lawn mowers, Financing and Home inspection, and closing date.

Once your offer has been submitted, the Seller now has three choices; Accept, Reject or Counter your offer. During these back-and-forth negotiations, you may need to compromise on small things, but as your Realtor® I will work hard to get you what you want. And if you’re in a bidding war, I’ll make sure you know the facts about Bidding Wars and How to Win in Multiple Offers.

Once your offer has been accepted it’s now time to meet the conditions in your offer.

Financing, Home inspections, Insurance Approval, Septic inspection, etc,  will all need to be fulfilled within the condition time frame (usually 10-14 days). Once the conditions have been met, the agreement is now firm! Now it’s just a matter of waiting for your closing date.

Naturally you will want to know the costs involved in purchasing a property.

Your lawyer, Lender and Realtor® can assist you estimate the costs.

  • Down payment (less your deposit)
  • Land Transfer Tax
  • Legal Fees
  • Lender fees, if applicable (appraisal fees, application fees, etc.)
  • Adjustments (if the seller prepaid property taxes, utilities, or other expenses past the closing date you will need to reimburse the seller)


Land Transfer Tax Calculator

*As your Realtor® I can provide you with mortgage affordability costs and closing cost estimates as I work closely with exceptional lenders and lawyers. This information will ensure you know your monthly mortgage costs, your down payment amount, and precisely what how much money you will need on Closing Day.

*If you are a First time home buyer you are eligible for Government incentives. 
First Time Home Buyer Incentives