The Selling Process

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There’s a lot to know when it comes to selling a home.

Whether you’re selling your first home or you’re a seasoned Seller, I will take you through all the steps.

Prepare your home and stage like a PRO!

  • You want to eliminate as much clutter as possible. It’s also important so that potential Buyers can see themselves living in your home.
  • Deep Clean; Wash the baseboards, remove the cobwebs, dust under your stuff and have the carpets professionally cleaned. Sadly, the cleaning won’t stop when your house goes on the market–every day, you’ll need to make your bed, wash the floors and clean up after the kids and pets.
  • Staging involves optimizing the use, look and feel of every room in your home. Making your home appeal to the greatest number of Buyers doesn’t have to be expensive. By using what you currently have and rearranging your own furnishings, can do the trick.
  • There are always a few items on the to-do list. Now is the time to fix the little stuff. 

Determining an Asking Price

With over 95% of Buyers starting their search online, it makes them savvy shoppers. They comparison shop for a home just as they would for a new couch. Current local market data is essential when determining an asking price. Recent sale prices, days on market to sell, number of active listings, are just a few of the market data involved in this process. The right pricing strategy can make the difference between how much money is left in your pocket and how much is left on the negotiating table.

Your home is ready, the price is right, the marketing has worked, and the Buyers want to see your home. Selling your home is an inconvenience but if you want top dollar for it, you’ll want to be flexible with when you allow people to see it. Make sure your home is in top shape for showings.

Your hard work has paid off…and you’re getting an offer from a Buyer.

The offer will contain some important points of negotiation:

  • The deposit
  • The price
  • The closing date
  • The irrevocable time/date
  • The terms and conditions

Once you receive an offer, you can respond in one of 3 ways:
Accept the offer as is – congratulations, you’ve just sold your house!
Make a counter-offer (with better conditions and/or price for yourself) – the Buyer at this point can accept your counter-offer, make another counter-offer or walk away altogether.
Decline the offer and walk away.
Negotiating is a fine art, and if you’ve chosen your agent wisely, they’ll provide solid advice and guidance to get you the price you want. The final price decisions when selling your home are always yours to make, but it helps to have a strategic negotiator on your side.